IP Portfolio


WiLAN’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio of more than 4,000 patents is licensed to some of the world’s largest technology companies and is embedded in millions of communication and consumer electronics products sold annually around the world.

We actively grow our portfolio through acquisition as well as strategic investment in research and development. Our team of patent attorneys, agents and engineers is continually assessing and acquiring technologies to strengthen the value of our portfolio for current and future licensees.

WiLAN offers two main paths to companies that are seeking to monetize their IP. Our acquisition programs are tailored to owners of IP who wish to sell patents or portfolios. Alternatively, organizations that wish to retain ownership of their patents can partner with Gladios IP and leverage WiLAN’s resources, knowledge and expertise to monetize their patents.

Portfolio Highlight:

Acquisition of digital TV and video display patents

WiLAN doubles its global IP portfolio with acquisition of more than 1,400 patents and applications

Digital TV and video displays are integral to the way we entertain ourselves, learn and do business. WiLAN seized upon a rare opportunity to acquire a global IP portfolio from a manufacturer with a long history of innovation. Read the press release.